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Most business owners and executives say “I HATE HIRING!”.  Extensive surveys show hiring is one of the biggest frustrations in business.

This highly-acclaimed book, The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret, reveals the author's true personal experiences and behind-the-scenes stories of why choosing the right people for your team is so vitally necessary in business and life.  With straight talk and a bit of humor Jensen reveals an effective, exact hiring process.  

Your hiring headaches are history!

The Naked Interview was the basis for The Hiring Academy which is used by top Fortune 50 and Inc. 500 companies, in addition to franchises and small businesses internationally.  You know, like McDonald's, Domino's Pizza, Jamba Juice, Victoria's Secret, and US Homeland Security and our US Armed Forces, just to name-drop a few!
That's cool... but check this out!
Any smart professional wants to know what's going through their “opponent’s” mind.

So I've included a little (okay HUGE) surprise for the last chapter: Interviewing from the other side of the desk!

This chapter is a behind-the-curtain look from the other side of the hiring desk.  

It provides you with knowledge and advice I have personally shared with job-seeking candidates I've coached.  This eye-opening intel supplements what you’ve already discovered from an employer’s point of view.

Therefore, this view from the other side of the desk might be helpful and useful in evaluating prospective candidates.  These insights and advice have been delivered at UCLA, Rutgers, and Arizona State to classes of students who then landed jobs at a rate more than 3X other graduates!
#1 Bestselling Author
David Lee Jensen
Hello! I'm the Founder of The Hiring Academy, a serial entrepreneur and an experienced CEO.  In all the cool stuff I've experienced in business, I found that interviewing and hiring was the worst!  But, along the way I figured it out, for real to create my best talent.  That is what YOU will find inside my book! 

I've guided a company's growth to over 2.5 Billion in client sales.  I've directed entrepreneurs in choosing the right person to pilot their rocket-ride to success. And, I've helped a small business owners spend their most valuable years with their children.

My purpose is to help business owners find and hire the right people so that they can pull back from their business and yet continue expanding.  I hope to help you too!
Don't just take my word for it; or Grant Cardone's (below). 
I want everyone to see that a lot of awesome people think that 
this book is really good!!!
What People Are Saying About 
The Naked Interview On...
Gives you a very clear, logical process...
Review by Steven Daar
"As a business owner who doesn't have a ton of experience in hiring (and has had a few mis-fires) - - this book was great. Gives you a very clear, logical process to follow with hiring to maximize your odds of getting it right the first time. Because hiring is something that (usually) isn't something you can practice & do 'over and over over' until you perfect it, it's good to have something you can trust and lean on when doing this massively important process."
I now have the tools I need...
Review by Catalyst
"After making a couple of disastrous hiring mistakes and hearing the author deliver a seminar, I decided to purchase the book.
I now clearly know what mistakes I made and the key steps I omitted which led to the disasters. Furthermore, I now have the tools I need to conduct an interview that will actually tell me what I need to know about potential candidates."

"If you can't find the good people--if good people come into your office and you don't know what to ask do you know who's the good, who's the bad? This dude has codified the perfect interview.  You need to read this book.”

Grant Cardone, NY Times Bestselling Author of The 10X Rule

"Hiring sucks. This is some pretty smart stuff. Read it.”

Joe Polish, Genius Network CEO

"It was a great and easy read. It was packed with so much information that I can actually apply to my business, not a bunch of theoretical concepts of hiring. I've made a lot of bad hires and honestly I didn't believe there was really anything I could do about it..."

Devin Rice, Movie Producer

"The most important book for building a business I've ever read.  Knowing this data will save you millions of dollars AND a tremendous amount of hours of frustration."

Scott Staver, CEO Aurelius Solutions

"I am so excited about all the new ideas and possibilities.  David helped me keep believing that I can find help and achieve MY goals for my business too.”

Stefanie Sonnleitner, Owner - Food The Lifestyle
What's inside the book?
Sample SNIPpETs...
These are some of the incredibly interesting and thought-provoking things that you are going find in this book. I wanted to show you some of my favorite stuff here!
Questions answered + important things that you will learn:
  • What critical step should you take before you even interview anyone?
  • 10 Interviewing & Hiring Truths for your immediate use.
  • How to investigate, evaluate and know when to hire someone for your business.
  • Mastering the dreaded reference checks to find out something actually useful about your prospective new hire. 
Page 13. How to eliminate the stress of finding quality people.
Page 99. How to save time and money by avoiding bad candidates.
Page 21. What are the 10 core Truths to hiring the right person?
Page 109. How to implement an exact process for interviewing & hiring the best fit for your team.
What else can I say about The Naked Interview?  I want to give you the solution to the biggest problem in business.  
And, I just care enough to do so for FREE.
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